‘Ladies Taco Night’ at Restaurant Spurs Neighborhood Fight for Equality

equalityOn a Tuesday night, a small suburban community was completely unaware of the history that was about to occur.  For years, local taquerias, bars, clubs, and restaurants commonly featured special times or entire nights to the joy of one gender…and the misery of another.

And for years, men like Robert Kerfuffler, stood by in silence.  Until today.

When Rob took his wife and kids to “Joe’s Taco Bar” and he heard his wife’s sudden cry of elation over the “Ladies Taco Night” sign, something deep within him snapped.

It was then that he knew that something had to be done.

Luckily, it was the 21st century.  So he sent out a fiery mass text to all his male contacts and told them to convene on the city council meeting, which, coincidentally, was on the same night as “Ladies Taco Night” (much to the delight of the women representatives there).

The men of the community–the same ones who would never be seen at those meetings upon mortal injury–showed up en masse because they too, thirsted for justice.  A justice that could only be quenched with complementary drinks on a Wednesday or Thursday.

“We’re not asking for a weekend night,” one man noted patiently to the council.  A number of the men, growing restless, tried to join in.  Some stood to their feet and an occasional “Yeah” or “That’s right” was heard.

“What about something like ‘Men’s Margherita Monday after Midnight’?!” a voice rang out in perfect clarity.  It was Robert.

At this point, the crowd, upon hearing such a burst of rational alliteration, immediately grew silent, waiting in anticipation for the city councilwoman’s reply.

“Hey wait,” another man said quietly, turning to Robert.  “Do you mean ‘Sunday midnight’ which is really Monday morning?  Or is that Tuesday morning/Monday midnight?  Because…”

“Yeah, I see what he’s saying, Rob,” another piped in.  “If you say ‘Monday at midnight’ some people might come at 11 pm on a Sunday but then some–”

“WHATEVER!” Robert yelled in exasperation.  “The POINT is we need EQUAL benefits at bars and restaurants!  Right?!”

“RIGHT!” the crowd echoed in firm agreement.

“Aren’t you sick and tired of seeing ‘Ladies eat free after 10 pm’ and ‘Women get in for free if their hot’ and ‘Ladies don’t get ticketed by the police because they can cry on command’?!”  Robert spoke pleadingly to the awed gathering.  “Well, that last one doesn’t apply as much here but I’m still tired of seeing it!”

“Yeeeeeaaaaaah!!” the crowd exulted.  Hats tossed, hands flew heavenward, and men–that’s right–grown men danced in jubilation over the hearing of his words.

Their cries that night–the sounds of righteous indignation for complementary chips and salsa or even an iced tea every now and then–found their way amongst the quiet cul-de-sacs and white picket fences of that small neighborhood, and reverberated in the hearts and minds of every man, woman, and child for years to come.

Even though the council voted “no”.

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