Guy Who Talks to Self Begins Answering

Art Feebly, brother of Mort Feebly, got up this morning (just like he always does), ate breakfast (just like he always does), and started talking to himself…just like he always does.

Only this time, he answered back.

And though we cannot reveal the method or means by which we obtained it, we can tell you that we do have the transcript of the conversation.

“Don’t forget to go to the store,” Art said to himself.

(“I wanna know what love is” heard faintly in mental background)

“Oh, yeah, I almost completely forgot.  Thanks.  You’re a life-saver,” Art replied.

Art paused for a second, but disregarded the anomaly and moved on.

“Mmm–life-savers.  Gotta get the milk, eggs, and fabric softener…”

“Bring me back something French!”

“Haha.  That was a great movie.”

(“I want you to show me…” -song continues)

“Definitely.  But, then again, you’re usually right.”

“Yeah, I am right a lot of the time, aren’t I?”

“Well, people just don’t appreciate you.”

“I could do as good a job as Ebert.  I’ve got thumbs.”

(With a little more emotion: “I wanna feel what love is…”)

“Two very good thumbs, Art.  Undervalued, unappreciated opposable thumbs.”

“That’s probably what separates us from the apes: value judgments.”

“Ha.  Or maybe it’s just being able to say ‘opposable thumbs’.”

(Rising up an octave, and now with the full band: “I KNOW YOU CAN SHOW MEEE!”)

“Man, I bet I’d be good at air guitar–with My Opposable Thumbs!”

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